Human Rights

The Fight for Civil Rights

This set of posters can be mounted as a display. Each poster is 29.7 cms x 42 cms. Posters can be presented as shown here to create a display 128 cms wide x 89.1 cms high.
An eye-catching and informative display coveing the main issues associated with the American Civil Rights Movement

Timeline: The American Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1968

Size: 25 cms x 210 cms

A fascinating selection of images and events retelling the fight for civil rights in the United States.

Timeline: Origins of World War One

Timeline:The American Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1968

Code: HIS40
Price: NZ $21.70 ex. GST./ $24.95 inc. GST
Length: 25 cms x 210 cms, 5 files, laminated.